Artifacts are a collection of elemental-themed items that can be acquired at various points in the game before fighting the Moon Lord and can be combined into the Elemental Arcanum after defeating the Moon Lord. Each artifact has a rare material associated with it, these materials have a (1/800) chance to drop in their respective biomes.

Artifact Materials

Item Biome
Discordant Amber Desert

Fiery Ashes

Strange Totem Sky
Glowing Slush Snow
Odd Water Ocean
Gem of the Universe Lunar Pillars


Results Ingredients Crafting Station
Discordant Skull Discordant Amber

Silt (100)

Cobalt Shield

Frozen Gauntlet Glowing Slush

Fire Gauntlet

Star Veil

Chaos Flame Flask Fiery Ashes

Hellbat Wing

Magma Stone

Obsidian Skull

Great Thunder Idol Strange Totem

Lightning Cloud

Shark Tooth Necklace

Anklet of Wind


Ethereal Shell Odd Water

Shield of Magic

Illusive Charm

Sorcerer Emblem

Jellyfish Diving Gear

Nanocore Gem of the Universe

Celestial Shell

Charm of Myths

Avenger Emblem

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